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A Note from Alix

Hi Bookclubbers–

Thanks for stopping by and for your interest in Based Upon Availability.

Many of you have wanted to know what drew me to write this novel, and why I centered it around the Four Seasons Hotel. Hotels in general are sexy, and I’ve had a love affair with them for years, perhaps even before I started writing about them as a journalist. I love that they offer a strange kind of anonymity and a retreat from real life. I love the idea that you can be anyone from anywhere and that once your stay is over, the rooms are stripped down, wiped clean and all traces of you are erased, as if you'd never been there. That was a really intriguing concept to play with.

And I love the women who inhabit the rooms – I may not want them as best friends – but they are all worthy of inviting over for dinner and opening a bottle of wine and letting them tell you the stories of their lives, which in many ways, is what they do in the novel.

I really wanted to explore the concept and then answer the age-old question; ‘what happens behind closed doors.’ I hope you enjoy this sneak-peek into these character’s live and the ride Based Upon Availability offers as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it.

If you have any questions for me, or would like to include me in one of your book club discussions please drop me a line, it would be lovely to connect with you.


Room: 1301

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