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A Romance Author’s Muse Becomes His Real-Life Love Interest
Brexit Was the Start of Romance
They Had Given Up on Love
They Ended Up Believing in Marriage (and Santa Delivered)
At First He Ghosted, Then They Became a Couple
Making a Name of Their Own
She Crumbled the Fortress Around His Heart
For a ‘Saturday Night Live’ Writer, a Permanent Musical Guest
She Said Yes. Fourteen Times.
His Dating Profile Listed Reasons Not to Date Him. She Was Intrigued.
A 100th Birthday Celebration, and (Surprise!), a Wedding, Too
A Marriage Filled With Heroes, Villains and Eight Years of Romance
Worthy of a Romance Novel, With a Touch of Mystery
From the First Minute They Knew, and Life Has Been Easier Since
A Carefree Life With a Few Bumps Along the Way
A Conventional Marriage for a ‘Counterculture’ Couple
They Found the Harbor for Their Hearts
A Rabbi Finds Love on Tinder
A 20-Year Age Gap Makes No Difference
In a Relationship, but Not Out Just Yet
Still in Love With Comic Books, and Now With Her, Too
A Chef-Tested Recipe for Marital Success
From a Fight in the Playground to a Proposal
On Again, Off Again, and With a Nudge, Now On Forever


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