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For the past twenty years Alix has been working for magazines and newspapers,
she has written over 1500 articles. This page features selected highlights.

NYT Trending First-Person Piece: Always the Reporter, Never the Bride
To read Alix's popular New York Times feature, It's No Secret, visit

The New York Times

Sunday Routines and Interviews:

How an ‘Open Streets’ Operative Spends His Sundays

How a Javits Center Vaccine Nurse Spends Her Sundays

How Essential Workers Who Shared Their Sundays With Us Are Doing, One Year In

How a Former News Anchor and Current Painter Spends His Sundays

How a Neurosurgeon (and Netflix Star) Spends His Sundays

‘I Know I’m Not Alone’: The Importance of Mentors Right Now

How the Head of a Vaccine Research Clinic Spends Her Sundays

‘Vodka in Your Coffee Cup’: When Pandemic Drinking Goes Too Far

How a Home Health Aide Spends Her Sundays

How Santa Plans to Keep Everyone Safe This Year

How an Urban Beekeeper Spends His Sundays

From Krispy Kreme to Weed: Inside 5 Businesses That Opened in Pandemic N.Y.

How a Veterinarian Spends Her Sundays

How Kate Pierson, of the B-52’s, and Monica Coleman, Spend Their Sundays

How a Waiter, With Over 30 Years at the Same Restaurant, Spends His Sundays

5 New Yorkers Escaped the City for Fresh Air and Space. Was It Worth It?

Hunger Is Worsening. Here Are 7 Ways New Yorkers Are Addressing It.

How the Creator of Domino Park’s Social Distancing Circles Spends His Sundays

How a Suicide Prevention Team Leader Spends His Sundays

Bringing the Outside Inside Your Home

How a Nurse Who Gives Last Rites Spends His Sundays

How an Edible Arrangements Worker Spends Her Sundays

How a Triage Nurse Spends Her Sundays

New Yorkers Want Cheap Wine, and Lots of It

How a Pharmacist on the Front Lines Spends Her Sundays

Advice From a Crisis Expert on Surviving a Lockdown

How to Renovate Your Kitchen and Not End Up in Tears

How the Big Apple Circus Ringmaster Spends Her Sundays

How Peter Greenberg, Travel Expert, Spends His Sundays

How Candace Bushnell, Writer, Spends Her Sundays

How the Founder of Clark’s Botanicals Spends His Sundays

How Susanne Bartsch, Night Life Queen, Spends Her Sundays

How Nancy Fire, Interior Designer, Spends Her Sundays

How a Self-Taught Art Curator Became a Gay Rights Champion

Personal Chefs for Everyone: Bespoke House Calls in the Digital Age

The Secrets Inside the C.O. Bigelow Apothecary (Est. 1838)

How Deepak Chopra, Wellness Expert, Spends His Sundays

How Randy Rainbow, Singing Political Satirist, Spends His Sundays

How George Motz, ‘America’s Hamburger Expert,’ Spends His Sundays

How Mathilde Freund, Vintage Dealer, Spends Her Sundays

Bust Magazine Is on a Mission

Women, Art and the Houses They Built

A Sip of Wine, a Palette of Paint — and Thou

The Force Is With Them

Namaste, Museumgoers

Hate the Beach? These Getaway Options Are for You​

How Bobby Friese, Rickshaw Driver, Spends His Sundays

Two Years Later, What It Means to Be Wed​

An Upper West Side Bar Reopens, Board Games and Stickers Intact

Poster Passion: A Rock N Roll Fans Lifelong Quest

Key Moments Since 1992' The Year Of The Women

Augusten Burroughs Love Affair With Jewelry 

How Lori Bodinizzo A Bemelmans Bartender Spends Her Sundays

How Meredith Rollins, Editor in Chief of Redbook, Spends Her Sundays

How Paul Jarrod Frank, a Cosmetic Dermatologist, Spends His Sundays

How Aerin Lauder, Cosmetics Scion, Spends Her Sundays
Carrie Fisher: Now A Force Of Her Own

Kathleen Turner: Here's To Leading Ladies


Why Do Couples Tie Cans to Wedding Cars

Bridal Swimsuits

This Designer Wants You to Look 'Powerful' on Your Wedding Day

The Bride Wore...Cargo Pants?

Ready. Set. Wed.

When Wedding Planning Is More Like Online Shopping

Before Brunch, A Stop at the Alter

It's a Good Time to Be a Relationship Coach

How to Make a Wedding Easier on Your Guests

Making These Resolutions Can Improve a Relationship

Wedding Venues That Go beyond the Ballroom

Remembering the 'Queen of Cake"

Collecting Treasures From Weddings Past

Grooming Tips for the Groom

Hiring a Wedding Planner? Here Are a Few Questions to Consider

With Each Change, Their Love Continued to Grow

Let Them Taste Cake Again

Feeling Crafty? Make Your Own Wedding Day Look.

The Wedding Dress Repurposed

A Year Later, So Many Adjustments in the Dress Industry

The Disruption of Weddings, Then and Now

The New Registry: Needs Versus Wants

After 80 Years, Still Smiling on the Job

4 Ways to Ring in the New Year at Home

How to Give Guests an Active Role in Your Virtual Wedding

How to Serve Your Guests Safely at Your Reception

The Anxiety of Being a Wedding Guest

You Are Cordially Invited (or Not) to Our Socially Distanced Wedding

Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress Without Leaving Your House

How to Be Your Own Glam Squad for a Zoom Wedding

New York Bridal Fashion Week Goes Virtual

5 Wedding Traditions You Can Skip

Wedding Photographers Share Their Favorite Moments

Brides Find Perfect Fit at New Plus-Size Pop-Up Store

The Bro-dal Shower. Good, Clean Fun for Grooms.

The Allure of the White Dress

Dress Designers Add Options for Plus-Size Brides

In a Relationship, but Not Out Just Yet

Still in Love With Comic Books, and Now With Her, Too

Artists Capture Your Wedding on Site and on Canvas

6 Ways to Wow Guests at Your Wedding Reception

The Pay-It-Forward Wedding: When ‘I Do’ Becomes ‘I Do More’

A Chef-Tested Recipe for Marital Success

A New Reason to Party: Custom Suiting for the Suitor and His Pals

Entering Your Wedding by Parachute, Horse or Ski Lift

For Wedding Photography, Some Couples Eschew a Pro in Favor of GoPro

Sand Sculptures for a Beach Wedding

Father and Stepfathers Join Hands at Wedding

Mothers and Daughters: Whose Wedding is it Anyway

When Mom is part of the Bachelorette Party

Till Wrinkles Do Us Part: Introducing the Brotox Groom

Remember That Wedding We ate Elk At

Why Women Still Proposing is Rare

Marriages May Not Be Forever, but Our Obsession With Diamonds Is

With this Tattoo I Wed

From a Fight in the Playground to a Proposal

For Millennial Wedding Guest: Behaving Badly Falls Out of Favor 

Elvis Remains a Fixture at a Las Vegas Wedding

Why Grooms Are Hanging Up the Traditional Tuxedo

Why Wedding Expos Are Still a Thing

They Married at City Hall (But Didn’t Toss the Bouquet)

Share the Love: Donate Your Wedding Dress

If You Thought the Wedding Was Fun, You’ll Love the Movie

No Makeup on My Wedding Day


Posing with "The Anxiety of Being a Wedding Guest"

Bride posing with her article.

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