For the past twenty years Alix has been working for magazines and newspapers,
she has written over 2000 articles. This page features selected highlights.
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Sunday Routines and Interviews:

How Peter Greenberg, Travel Expert, Spends His Sundays

How Candace Bushnell, Writer, Spends Her Sundays

How the Founder of Clark’s Botanicals Spends His Sundays

How Susanne Bartsch, Night Life Queen, Spends Her Sundays

How Nancy Fire, Interior Designer, Spends Her Sundays

How a Self-Taught Art Curator Became a Gay Rights Champion

Personal Chefs for Everyone: Bespoke House Calls in the Digital Age

The Secrets Inside the C.O. Bigelow Apothecary (Est. 1838)

How Deepak Chopra, Wellness Expert, Spends His Sundays

How Randy Rainbow, Singing Political Satirist, Spends His Sundays

How George Motz, ‘America’s Hamburger Expert,’ Spends His Sundays

How Mathilde Freund, Vintage Dealer, Spends Her Sundays

Bust Magazine Is on a Mission

Women, Art and the Houses They Built

A Sip of Wine, a Palette of Paint — and Thou

The Force Is With Them

Namaste, Museumgoers

Hate the Beach? These Getaway Options Are for You​

Two Years Later, What It Means to Be Wed​

How Bobby Friese, Rickshaw Driver, Spends His Sundays

An Upper West Side Bar Reopens, Board Games and Stickers Intact

Poster Passion: A Rock N Roll Fans Lifelong Quest

How Lori Bodinizzo A Bemelmans Bartender Spends Her Sundays

How Meredith Rollins, Editor in Chief of Redbook, Spends Her Sundays

How Paul Jarrod Frank, a Cosmetic Dermatologist, Spends His Sundays

Augusten Burroughs Love Affair With Jewelry 

Key Moments Since 1992' The Year Of The Women

Carrie Fisher: Now A Force Of Her Own

Kathleen Turner: Here's To Leading Ladies



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