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The Joy of Funerals

"Death has never been so sexy—or so funny, entertaining, surprising, and yes, occasionally even sad. Alix Strauss has an enormous talent for bringing characters to life, and for finding the heart and light in even the darkest tale. Better make your black suit a Gucci for this hip Funeral, and get ready to laugh until you cry—and cry until you howl. The Joy of Funerals is a rollicking read that will make you glad you're alive."

– Pamela Redmond Satran, author of The Man I Should Have Married

"Alix Strauss is a truly gifted writer. The Joy of Funerals is a moving, funny and painfully honest book!"

– Molly Jong-Fast, author of Normal Girl

"This honest, dark, sly book does reading the Obits one better. It dares us to admit to ourselves that there is a peculiar kind of comfort born in the wake of a death, a universal communion that serves to remind us that we, in fact, are still alive."

– Cynthia Kaplan, author of Why I'm Like This

"A curiously engaging series of stories about death, young women's alienation, rage, and loneliness, by a sharp new writer."

– Rona Jaffe, author of The Room-Mating Season, among others

"Don't miss this darkly comic novel about funerals, sex and loss... The Joy of Funerals is original and moving."

– Libby Schmais, author of The Perfect Elizabeth

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